The “infertility road” was long and difficult for my husband and me. After numerous IUI’s and then surgery to remove cysts and fibroid tumors and repair a twisted fallopian tube, I had two more unsuccessful IUI’s. I was then referred to a reproductive endocrinologist, who found that one of my problems was having cervical mucus hostile to my husband’s sperm. I had an IVF procedure, which didn’t work either.

We were about to go through another IVF and I knew I needed some emotional help. I saw the announcement for the Mind/Body Workshops in my doctor’s office; it sounded like just what I needed. During my first IVF, I was stressed out, my heart was racing, I couldn’t think straight. I knew the stress wasn’t helping me get pregnant. Everyone said, “Don’t be stressed; just relax,” but I didn’t know how. The typical things I had used in the past, such as exercise, a hot bath, a glass of wine, I couldn’t do. My other option in the past was talking to friends on the phone, but I had trouble turning to them with this, because, as hard as they tried, they just didn’t understand.

I went through the Mind/Body Workshop with several other women in similar circumstances to mine. I learned some new helpful ways to relax and to reduce stress, as well as other coping skills. I am so thankful I found this. I knew that, whether I got pregnant or not, I was able to get my life back.

I am now, at 26 weeks, awaiting the birth of twins!