How do you measure success when you are dealing with infertility? The obvious answer would seem to be achieving pregnancy and having a healthy baby. Those of us who work in this field would like nothing better than this outcome for all of our patients. And, indeed, Dr. Alice Domar's research over the past 16 years has shown increased pregnancy rates for those who utilize the Mind/Body techniques in addition to their medical treatments.

However, the Mind/Body Program has somewhat different measures for success for the women and couples who go through the program. Because of the tremendous stress, depression, and anxiety present during infertility, one of the main goals is to decrease these symptoms. In addition, the Mind/Body Program seeks to help women, whether or not they have a successful pregnancy, to:

- Feel more in control of their lives.

- Experience less isolation and loneliness.

- Cope with feelings in a more constructive manner.

- Deal with negative thoughts.

- Improve their sense of self-esteem and self-worth.

- Feel more at peace with themselves and more comfortable with their lives.

- Improve the relationship with their partner.